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Link building SEO is the fastest growing trend in internet market. The web has become more complex, so people these days like to click related links while surfing, rather than finding one in the search engine result pages. Professional link building approach is a must these days to stay in contention with other companies.

If you are looking for a link building service in India, Rankpluhin is the only trustworthy name in the market. Our experts have great knowledge of the latest algorithms. We design our link building programme on the basis of advanced technologies and keep them updates with the latest trend of algorithms.

Your website is the face of your business; people visiting your website would only do business with you if they are impressed by your website. We understand that first impression is the last impression. Therefore, with the help of our professional link building experts we help you create an aura around your website, dazzling the visitor completely.

Unlike most link building services in India we make our customers see our glories past history. We are transparent enough to disclose our past client success rate. Our search Widget is highly placed in Google, which speaks for our genius.


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Visitors prefer to click most preferable links in the search engine result pages, like .edu or .gov website. These sites have a influence of there own. We find websites with such domains, related to your business, and place your links on these website. This is the most efficient technique as people find interest in your link, merely because your link is placed on these sites.
Our link building SEO is planned with a very natural and authentic strategy. Our experts create the anchor text on the basis of desired keywords, and put them in the form of links in the web pages related to yours.

Our exerts help you create reciprocal links for your website. We try to get the most traffic for you by exchanging the links of your website with a website of repute, related to yours. This makes the visitors from the partner’s website to get redirected to your website and vice versa. This increases the overall traffic of your website.
Our professional link building experts employs the most straight forward and authentic techniques of link building. We strictly avoid the black hat techniques. Link building SEO employing black hat techniques lead you nowhere as these techniques do not observe search engine guidelines. Search engine algorithms are always improving themselves to trace this black hat technique, and if they catch any such activity they simply cast off the website as spam, making it to never feature in search engine result pages.

If you are looking for a link building service in India, Rankplugin is the best solution. With our great past history, our professional approach towards your enterprise, friendly and warm customer support, and our vast experience; you are assured of great returns. We are the best name in the market, teamed up with the most proficient technicians of the field. You are guaranteed of great results with us.

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The Meeting

We love meetings over coffee table. It is a cyclical process of understanding business goals, target audience, industry specifications and past performance of the website which helps us to know more about your business.

During this stage, we learn about your requirements, identify your customer and envisage strategy to achieve business goals.

Define Content Strategy

As per recent Google updates and guidelines, content is primary component of an effective search engine optimization. Content should be rich enough and cater to needs of intended audience.

It should be drafted in a manner so that targeted keywords submerged in content. Content strategy is all about the appropriate, unique and optimized content as per the Google guidelines.

Analyze Performance and Structure

During this stage, we identify website' structure and loading speed. Website which loads fast gets an edge over other websites.

This steps involves creating a detailed report on all possible SEO issues and make sure that your site structure is laid out as per latest Google guidelines. We also ensure that your website has not violated any of listed guidelines and to suggest optimal solutions, if anything such will be found.

Keyword and Audience Research

Choosing appropriate keywords is most essential part of engine optimization process. If no one is searching using the keywords, you are promoting is just waste of effort.

Audience Research is as crucial as keyword research. Here we define target audience and their interest which then leads to setting up an effective promotional strategy. This also involves segregation of target customers based on various parameters such age, sex, location etc.

Competitive Analysis

In every business, it is always of utmost importance to keep an eye on your competitor. In this phase, we perform high-level audits of your competitors across various vertical such as inbound links, competitor's keywords etc.

Business Promotion

In this phase, we formulate a business plan after compiling the output of Business objectives, content strategy analysis, performance analysis, Keyword and Audience Research and Competitive Analysis.

Here we commence business promotion by various means which includes but not limited to content promotion, link building, social bookmarking , blog promotion, social promotion etc.

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